Prep for all new El Chap Roads

Small orange and yellow flags have been sprouting all over next to our curbs in the last few days.

According to Micah Taylor, Boone County Civil Engineer, these are in preparation for County subcontractors to begin preliminary work testing our roadbeds. This work will begin Wednesday, November 15, so please take the time to watch for workers in our streets during the day.

This work is in preparation for the new pavement our subdivision will begin receiving, probably beginning in 2019. Boone County Resource Management will keep us updated, so check back here periodically for new information.


October 3rd ECNA Meeting – Guest Speakers!

As promised, we will have a presentation by MODOT Engineer Mike Schupp and Boone County Senior Planner Thad Yonke. These gentlemen will update our membership on Route WW, including increased traffic, El Chaparral/Highway WW intersection, and long-range plans to improve WW.

After a few brief items of neighborhood business, we will use the majority of the meeting to listen to our presenters. There will be an opportunity for questions, so please come prepared!