El Chap Neighborhood Association meeting this Saturday!

Come and hear Boone County Sheriff’s Department presentation on home and personal safety. Discuss annexation, covenants, and election of Association officers and committees!

Time: 10-11:30am

Place: Basement of New Horizons Church at the front of our subdivision

Coffee and donuts!!!


Only 11,000 cars per day by El Chaparral subdivision? Not for long…

Please plan to attend Columbia’s City Council meeting at 7pm tomorrow evening, Monday December 18 in the City Building at 701 E. Broadway. Vote with your presence and your voice!

During the first 30 minutes of the agenda, members of the public (that’s you!) will have an opportunity to inform the City Council about your concerns regarding more than 400 new homes being added to Highway WW traffic between El Chaparral Drive and Rolling Hills Road.

Please come and be seen supporting El Chaparral, and consider taking 30-60 seconds to tell the City Council about your concerns.

Here are the details:

In addition to the 11,000 cars that pass our intersection during a 12 hour period (as reported by MODOT at our October 3 quarterly membership meeting), add:

  1. The Brooks development on the north side of WW between the fire station and Rolling Hills road would add another 390 single family homes with 2 exits directly onto Highway WW;
  2. Also, The Vineyards Plat 7 would add another 60 homes to the already approved 150+ homes;
  3. The new Cedar Ridge Elementary School opening in that neighborhood in August, 2018 with a capacity for 650 students.

So, how will El Chaparral residents manage our access to Highway WW without any sort of traffic control at this intersection? Come and let your voice be heard!